FNF Vs. Tails: Secret Histories

    In the mod FNF Vs. Tails: Secret Histories for Friday Night Funkin' you will witness the torments and worries of Sonic's best friend. The opportunity for you to discover the true face of Tails by participating in a masterful rap battle that will call on all your singing talents! The story of this mod is based on the famous video Secret History of Sonic & Tails created by the authors of the youtube animation channel mashed. Miles "Tails" Prower, lovable hero and insufferable sidekick to Sonic the Hedgehog, can't stand being a supporting character anymore and anger eats at him. Sing against Tails in a week featuring 5 sensational songs that will be difficult challenges. Will Boyfriend manage not to lose his head or his sense of rhythm in front of a raging and very angry Tails. It's your turn to play!
    Songs list : Best Friends - Red Flag - Deadly Obsession - Dark Secrets - Confrontation