FNF Vs. Herobrine

    The legend was therefore true and Boyfriend will have to face...HIM! In the mod FNF Vs. Herobrine for Friday Night Funkin' our song star will have to deliver an epic rap battle against Herobrine, an intriguing and mysterious character coming from the universe of Minecraft and of whom only a few stories and videos had related his existence. But HIM is here, ready to challenge Boyfriend by singing on the first song Recreated. The refreshing breeze blowing in the air on this full moon evening will not be too much against the power of Herobrine's almost corrosive sound and its music saturated in bass. Try to beat your opponent without letting yourself be destabilized by his threatening gestures or by the growls of the Creepers around which will make your screen shake. Things will get even more complicated with the second song, you will need to be at your maximum concentration because Danger is much faster! The difficulty will also come from the cursed notes that Herobrine will make appear regularly in your music sheet, the moon itself will shake and change color to the beat of the music!
    FNF Vs. Herobrine is here with it's bangers songs! Warm up your fingers, turn up the volume to the max, warn your family, your friends, your neighbors because it will make some noise!